Are you looking for peace, balance and a feeling of wholeness in your body ?

Totum body therapy

Totum body therapy is a attentive and in-depth way of working with the body, where I work with your connective tissue and listen to your body's signals. I sense where we can melt away tension, and my tools are pulsation, pressure, stretching and your deep breaths.

Pregnancy treatment

Treatment for you who are on the journey to motherhood. Weather you are in or after your pregnancy and need support for physically or mentally challenges. Pregnancy and the journey to motherhood is a sacred and transformationel time - and you are not alone. 

Health consulting

I've always had a talent for sensing and listening to what people need in order to correct imbalances in their physical body. Health consulting is for you dont feel like you know what your next step is, and would like some loving and tangible guidance.

Body therapy

For those who have injuries, imbalances, or a body in need of deep relaxation

SHUNIYA means deep silence, which is a state we have access  when we are completely in our body, and our nervous system and mind is calm. Shuniya is a state where you feel this peaceful silence and where you can let go of all thoughts, tensions and worries from your busy day. It is a state where events, experiences and external demands and opinions do not overthrow you, and where you are able to hold onto your inner values, yourself and who you really are - your true self.

Maybe I can help you feel your Shuniya.

Health consulting

For those who feel they are stuck in a health challenge, and would like to have support and guidance to move forward

Health is many things. To me health is a combination of mental and physical wellbeing.
Sometimes it's difficult to make sense of the symptoms you feel in your body. From my perspective the health industry has become so specialized, that for some it may feel as if they are a stuck in a jungle of  different specialist doctors, saying different things.

And even after you have contacted a doctor, the immediately feedback might be that there is nothing wrong. Which really just is another way of saying, that you doesn't fit into the system and that your symptoms dont make sense to the health industry. The symptoms do not make sense, in a way where the health system safely say what kind of imbalance your body is trying to point out.

Which is good!

The thing is, that this system is not that great for the individual,  if you still feel the symptoms/soreness/ pain and you know in your heart that something is still off. That position can ultimately potentially cause a lot of physical and mental stress.

When I work with health consulting and lifestyle changes, including diet changes, I always have great respect for what is possible and realistic for you as the client.


Jeg kan kun på det varmeste anbefale Theresa. Jeg har selv benyttet mig af hendes kundskaber via kropsterapi og guidens i kosttilskud på baggrund af en bestilt test hos Nordic Lab.

Min krop har været påvirket utrolig meget efter næsten et år med stress og Theresa har været rigtig dygtig til både at løsne spændinger i kroppen og samtidig komme med gode råd ift. det mentale.

Det var også hende, der fortalte mig om diverse tests, jeg kunne tage for at finde ud af, om min krop bl.a. var i underskud, om der var betændelsestilstande mm.

Jeg er blevet meget klogere på mig selv og min krop takket være Theresa.

Så igen kan jeg kun på det varmeste anbefale hende <3

—  Lise

Health consulting

For those who feel they are stuck in a health challenge, and would like to have support and guidance to move forward
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The Journey starts in October 2020

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