Bemer Therapy

In my clinic, as well as privately, I like to use Bemer Therapy,  which basically is a device that stimulates a weakened vasomation (the blood vessels' own motion) and  improves the microcirculation in the body (how the blood moves around the body).

Microcirculation plays a central role in the human blood circulation. Well-functioning microcirculation ensures that the blood can transport oxygen and nutrients to all of the body's cells, while at the same time having the ability to transport waste materials away from the cells.


Reduced microcirculation can cause or contribute to many health problems and diseases. 
In my clinic I like to use Bemer therapy as a kind of gentle way to make the body ready for other kind of treatments like Totum body therapy. The way it works, is that you often start by getting 8 minutes Bemer therapy as a way of making your body ready to receive another therapeutic treatment. During the 8 minutes, your microcirculation will increase, which will elevate the effect of other therapeutic treatments and make the effect last longer.

The full benefit of Bemer Therapy is achieved by 2 x 8 minute treatment daily.
This elevates the microcirculation all day. If you are interested in hearing more, please contact me.

If you have problems such as pain, fluid accumulation, eczema or something else, it may be an beneficial option to try at Bemer treatment. We can talk about this at a consultation and plan ahead. Some feel the effect of Bemer therapy after a few treatments, but often frequent treatments is needed before the effect is fully felt.

BEMER is a certified medical device (CE 0483), approved by the EU, and classified according to class IIa. FDA (Food - Drug - Administration USA) certified 2016.

Some of the effect is documented to be:

27% faster vasomotion (the blood moves more freely around the body).
29% better blood distribution in the capillary network (blood can get better around all areas of the body).
31% stronger venous backflow (blood can easier  get back to the heart and back into the body).
29% higher oxygen utilization (more oxygen in the blood, and thus more energy and lightness in the body).

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