Body therapy that melts away tension and imbalances

The treatment I offer is called Totum Body Therapy. A Totum bodytherapy treatment is a form of physical therapy that is based on a holistic view of the body and the human being. Your body bears the mark of how you have lived your life. Your mental state affects your body and your physical condition, which in return affects your emotions, thoughts, and moods.

My experience is that everything we experience, sense and feel leaves an imprint on our body's cells. Both the big and small things. Severe violent experiences, as well as pressure/stress/strain over shorter or longer periods, is perceived as danger by our nervous system.

The most important task our nervous system have is to take care of us and when it feels danger, it sends out signals that affect our inner state and everyday life. When we, as adults, have an experience that the nervous system in one way or another recognize as a danger, our nerves inform us in the form of concern, stress and pressure.

The totum body theraphy treatment works on both the mental and the physical, but It works through the body with breathing, stretching, bending, pulsation and pressure as my tools. Tools and a language that our the nervous system, the muscles, the tissue and the cells can understand, because we can feel it in our bodies.

We work with your body's tissues and muscles, where I often find that the tension of life often is hold in contractions, when we hold on to a trauma or something we cant let go off. There may be pain associated with the treatment, but it is here to help and melt away tension so you can feel lighter in your body and mind afterwards. However, the treatment is not always painful and can also be quite gentle.


As we begin to work together with your body with deep pressure, stretching and pulsating movements, your body will reveal how you relate to the tension you hold in your body. Are you fighting against it? Are you pulling yourself away? Or what other response patterns do you use when you are challenged?

The totum body therapy treatment can create a new kind of connection with your body, and one of the side effects of the treatment is often a higher awareness of what it takes to release the physical and mental tensions you have in your body.

Pain & Tension?

Totum body theraphy  is great for helping the body to relax the tissue and muscles,with its deep breathing, pulsating touch and conscious stretching. We stretch, push and pulsate the body back into balance and its natural form, so your imbalances and tensions dont create pain in your body anymore.


Our modern lifestyle often requires a lot of the body, like lifting, bending, standing still and long days without movement. The way we move and hold our body can shape the body. For many, repetitive movements or many years of stress,  mean that they have imbalances in the body that can cause tension and pain. This is something we can work on together, to loosen up your body, so it can return to its most harmonious form.

Need some peace?

When we feel a need for peace, its often because we feel the effects of having an  over-stimulated nervous system, that have "forgotten" how to relax on its own. Shuniya means deep silence, and is a kind of state where we feel complete inner and have a calm  nervous system. For many of my clients, this state is a natural side effect of my treatments and the treatments ability to loosen up areas of pain and contraction in the body. The less noise we experience in the body, the more space do we have for inner peace and calm nerves - and I would love to support you in relaxing your nervous system into a state of shuniya.
What can I expect of a treatment?
Your treatment takes place in my cozy clinic in Østerbro. The treatment lasts approx. 60 min. incl. a short conversation and time afterwards to get dressed.
I always start the treatment by asking you about your situation and how I can support you and your wellbeing. Afterwards the treatment takes place and you lie down covered by a blanket, wearing your underwear.
I co work with your body, by loosening up your body with pulsating touch, acupressure and release of the joints of the neck and back. Some of the pulsating touch may appear painful, but with deep breaths you can learn to release the pain and tension, and you will eventually sense how your  muscles feel less tense and more relaxed. My intention is to help you to move from pain and tension, to feeling lightness and being more relaxed.

I experience, and have experienced on my own body, that emotions exists in the body. When I touch your body, I help you, among other things, to rekindle your connection with your feelings. During a treatment you will often find, that the places within your body that was tense will melt. Often people leave with a feeling of being more alive, have more space, and being able to move easier. You will experience greater connection to your body, and this experience of  deeper contact often help people feel more steady and less overwhelmed.

If you feel curious and want to dive deeper into your health and how you can optimize your health right now, I would love to assist you. I offer health consulting and laboratory analyzes,  that can help you find the specific areas you can work with, using diet and supplements. You can read more about this on the page called  health consulting.

SHUNIYA means deep silence, which is a state we have access  when we are completely in our body, and our nervous system and mind is calm. Shuniya is a state where you feel this peaceful silence and where you can let go of all thoughts, tensions and worries from your busy day. It is a state where events, experiences and external demands and opinions do not overthrow you, and where you are able to hold onto your inner values, yourself and who you really are - your true self.
Maybe I can help you feel your Shuniya.

Your investment in yourself:

One treatment costs DKK 800, -

For unemployed, students and pensioners the price is 600, -

Buy a cupon card and save money:

- 3 treatments DKK 2100, -

Its possible to pay cash or with mobilepay.

I always recommend to start a deeper process of more treatments, because it allows you to get in depth with some of the problems in a way that cant  be achieved with a single treatment. If you are unsure how many treatments you need, please write me an email.

Frequently asked questions

How many treatments do I need?

It often vary a lot from person to person what is needed. A sprained ankle only takes one treatment, whereas a childhood trauma can take several years. It is also crucial how much you are prepared to do yourself. Feel free to contact me to talk about what I can do for you.

Is there something I can do myself?

The most important thing you can do is to be aware of what you sense and feel. Write it down if you experience a shift in your mood or the way your muscles feel. In this way, you can become aware of how the interaction between your body and psyche works and how you are affect by external input.

How much time should I wait between treatments, before booking the next one?

I recommend to book your treatment  with a 2-3 week interval. The body is in process after a treatment. I  recommend to allow the body to heal and give it time to recover before starting a new process. If you feel like your body dont need that much time, or your body need more time, listen to your body. That is just perfect and your body knows.

What can I expect to experience after a treatment? 

The response to a treatment is always different from person to person and from treatment to treatment. Sometimes you can experience your body feel heavy and relaxed, and sometimes it maybe feels light and full of energy. Likewise, you may find that emotions may be affected, and you might feel slightly irritable or more present.


Jeg kan kun på det varmeste anbefale Theresa. Jeg har selv benyttet mig af hendes kundskaber via kropsterapi og guidens i kosttilskud på baggrund af en bestilt test hos Nordic Lab.

Min krop har været påvirket utrolig meget efter næsten et år med stress og Theresa har været rigtig dygtig til både at løsne spændinger i kroppen og samtidig komme med gode råd ift. det mentale.

Det var også hende, der fortalte mig om diverse tests, jeg kunne tage for at finde ud af, om min krop bl.a. var i underskud, om der var betændelsestilstande mm.

Jeg er blevet meget klogere på mig selv og min krop takket være Theresa.

Så igen kan jeg kun på det varmeste anbefale hende <3

—  Lise

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Your investment in yourself

One treatment costs DKK 800, -

For the unemployed, students and pensioners it costs 600, -

Buy a voucher and save money:

- 3 treatments DKK 2100, -

You can pay in cash or

via mobile pay

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