Kundalini yoga to calm the

nervous system and create clarity

I graduated as a Kundalini yoga teacher back in the year 2012, and I offer 1: 1 yoga sessions with you - or you and a beloved.

Kundalini yoga is known as the yoga of consciousness, and includes everything from yoga exercises, hand positions and breathing exercises to mantra chant, food and relationships. Kundalini yoga is a treasure chest of tools designed to support modern life and modern humans in having a calm nervous system, clarity, abundance, and energy to live life. Kundalini yoga can also be a great way to spend time  together if you want to try something new with your partner.

Yoga means 'unity' or 'to unite', and refers to how we can always return to our wholeness, unity with ourselves and the bigger picture. Yoga is a natural part of human life, whether you actively practice the exercises or not. Every time we breathe, we unite the air with our body. And every time we talk to other people, we may unite our opinions with their opinions. We unite the whole time and yoga is about doing this in a balanced way that creates the most wellbeing and balance possible.

If you want to book a 1: 1 Kundalini yoga session with me - whether it's a gift to yourself, or you and your partner - please email me below. It is important to me that we talk together before the session, so I get a sense of what you need, where you are at the moment and what is needed to help elevate you through yoga:

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Ready to calm your nervous system

One of the amazing benefits of Kundalini yoga is its ability to help up strengthen and soothe the nervous system, so that we can feel our body again. A calm nervous system is an important prerequisite for having good sleep, the body's ability to heal itself, the body's ability to recover from diseases, to keep calm in chaos, and our ability to feel on top of our everyday life. Often when we feel stress, concern, insecurity, anxiety or any imbalance, it is a great help to calm the nervous system.

Want a deeper connection to yourself?

One of the many benefits of Kundalini yoga is its focus on getting into the body. The body is always present in the moment, while the thoughts we have can be shaped by the past, hopes for the future or what we have learned through life. The thoughts do not necessarily come from the present, your body and your perspective on life as you are now. One of the effects of Kundalini yoga is that it is easier to feel how you feel and what you intuitively sense is your next step in your life, when you are completely true to yourself.

Stronger connection between you?

Kundalini Yoga offers many exercises and meditations for couples, designed to support couples in being present with each other and feeling connected in a deeper and more rich way. If you and your partner want some quality time together, that at the same time takes really you close to yourself and closer to the other, then I offer Kundalini Yoga for couples where I guide you. If you have a particular desire and idea about what you want to strengthen or experience together, then I can assist you in making that wish come true.

My name is Theressa and I have been a trained Kundalini yoga teacher since 2012. I have taught Kundalini yoga both 1: 1 and as classes. Right now I only do 1:1 yoga sessions.

Kundalini yoga, the yoga tools and its way of seeing life, is a central part of my way of connecting to other people and my way of doing therapy and treatments. Many people describe how I have a unique presence, warmth and care. Meditation and yoga are an important part of my life because I  want to take care of myself, so I have the inner peace and clarity to meet you exactly as you are.

Kundalini Yoga to me has been the tool to find my way back to myself. It has been my rescue during divorce. My daily practice has been my anchor during a long illness. The yoga made me cry, laugh and it tested my patience. 

When meeting a new love and later intertwining our families, what yoga and my daily practice gave me, meant everything. The fact that I have spent many years doing yoga and meeting my true self is something I feel in my life. I stay true to myself, even in situations where I would have been tempted to leave myself and my truth before I found yoga. I both sense and see  what is mine and what is not. Kundalini Yoga is a lifestyle to me and my way of living.

SHUNIYA means deep silence, which is a state we have access  when we are completely in our body, and our nervous system and mind is calm. Shuniya is a state where you feel this peaceful silence and where you can let go of all thoughts, tensions and worries from your busy day. It is a state where events, experiences and external demands and opinions do not overthrow you, and where you are able to hold onto your inner values, yourself and who you really are - your true self.

Maybe I can help you feel your Shuniya.


Min kæreste og jeg var til en par Kundalini session hos Theresa. Theresa tog imod os med en fantastisk ro og imødekommenhed. Theresa er dygtig, empatisk og udstråler en så positiv og varm energi, som er af den sjældne slags. Det er ikke sidste gang at jeg har besøgt Theresa og et kæmpe tak fra både min kæreste og jeg for en oplevelse af de sjældne

—  Ninna

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